PART 1 :


A young woman of 19 years was bound to a tree and set on fire. As the cruel men gazed in merry, in the middle of the flames her lips were murmuring Jesus, and Jesus. Her soul left the body to be consumed by the fire.

She began to receive the messages from God right from her 16th year. She used to convey the prophetical revelations to the people. One particular day she received a command to help the King of France to retrieve his country. On the command Joan started with courage. She cut her hair short. She dressed like a soldier. She explained to the King of her mission. The clergy made fun of Joan. They mocked her, what this damsel can achieve. The King thought about it. He gave her a battalion. With the battalion she captured the city of Orleans.

She achieved victory for four times. The clergy began to doubt Joan. They could not tolerate God speaking with a little girl and not to them. They condemned her as a cheat. She was expunged from the church.

She emphatically addressed all the allegations levelled against her. This made the clergy to tremble. But they finally condemned her to death.

Joan compiled her life, She accomplished the command of God to her. She attained saint hood.

Just Ponder , Have we identified our commission?

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