The Miracles of Jesus Christ – 1

Healing Peter’s Mother-in-Law After worshipping  in the synagogue on the Sabbath day, Jesus Christ and at least Peter, Andrew, James, and John went to Peter’s home to relax and eat. When they arrived, Peter’s wife’s mother was bedridden with a fever, providing Christ an opportunity to perform another act of mercy. This healing occurred on the same Sabbath thatContinue reading “The Miracles of Jesus Christ – 1”

Victory Over Demons and Fear

It looks like many people want to remain ignorant of the existence of the powers of the underworld, and that these evil powers attack people in many different ways and trouble them. How many are totally unaware that these evil powers disrupt the peace and tranquility of many families. The Lord Jesus Christ said, “FearContinue reading “Victory Over Demons and Fear”

The Divine Spirit and the Human Spirit

THE HUMAN SPIRIT Why are we emphasizing the difference between the Holy Spirit and the human spirit? It is because our greatest problem is that we do not know the indwelling Spirit or realize that the human spirit is the very dwelling place of the Holy Spirit; neither do we know that these two spiritsContinue reading “The Divine Spirit and the Human Spirit”