Perhaps the greatest expression of undaunted faith ever penned came from the Old Testament spokesman, Habakkuk. Most prophets spoke to the people for God. Habakkuk spoke to God for the people. He lived in times that were hard on faith. He saw the righteous suffering and the wicked prospering. He asked God the two questionsContinue reading “HABAKKUK – 2”


PART 1 People grapple in many ways with the question, “Is there a God?” They may examine the scientific evidences from the physical creation around us. They can point out the fascinating intricacies of human anatomy, such as our eyes or brains, or cite analogies of how a working watch could never accidentally come into being. They can focusContinue reading “IS THERE A GOD ?”

An Unlikely Advocate – 1 Samuel 25

Abigail- A Woman Of Strength And Courage Some situations, even though the circumstances do not directly involve us, need our input and involvement. Abigail is a wonderful example of one who did this with the utmost grace, gentleness, and courage. Four things stand out in this story that can help us to know how andContinue reading “An Unlikely Advocate – 1 Samuel 25”

David vs. Goliath: We’re Teaching the Story All Wrong

When little Johnny is taught the story of Noah’s ark, he learns three truths from it:1) Noah was good and God loved him;2) Noah was obedient and God saved him;3) If Johnny is good and obedient, God will love and save him, too. All narratives are easily kidnapped and pressed into service by our self-absorbedContinue reading “David vs. Goliath: We’re Teaching the Story All Wrong”