In this series, I will be writing about the Biographies of Missionaries , who laid down their life for the truth , and on their blood drops are the seeds of the church.

ISSAC JOGUES (10-01-1607 TO 18-10-1646)

One who submits to the call of God is the servant of God. They are brave hearted. They are strong to perform courageously. Though their body decays they will keep turning the souls to Christ.

Issac was born in France. He joined the Society of Jesus when he was 10 years old. He had the growing thirst for the Gospel at his tender age. He turned his body and soul towards Christ away from the world.

Issac received an invitation from the Headquarter of the Society of Jesus. To carry the Gospel to North America was the Invitation. He instantly submitted to the mission.

The group containing eight people arrived at North America after a long journey. They were furiously encountered by the local barbarians Iraguia. Many hurdles and hazards came their way. This group was accused for the diseases and accidents these people faced. Though they laboured for five years the fruits were more troubles.

Issac was pealed to muscles and flesh by the cannibals who captured him. They chopped his fingers and ate them in front of his eyes. As a man chopped with an axe his head rolled on the ground and his blood spilled over the ground.

But before it was one year after his killing 3000 peoples were baptised. This testifies for his efforts and challenges our life.

Blessed is the ones who shed their blood for Jesus, for they alone qualify to drink the blood of Jesus.

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