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Katar Singh was born to a wealthy Sikh parents in the village called Patiala in India. Kartar’s father wanted his son to excel in all fields, so Kartar was given training and exposure in every field that was necessary.

Right from his childhood Kartar was fascinated and attracted by the Christian Doctorines, and gave his heart to the biblical truths. The more he loved the words of Jesus, his sinful life was washed. Finally he offered himself to Jesus Christ totally.

Because of his love for Jesus he was driven out of the house empty handed. But Kartar started to preach the Gospel in the towns and villages of Patiala. He Preached the Gospel in Punjab even. he crossed the great mountain and entered Tibet. The buddhist monks there opposed his teachings. He was able to win some souls even there by exhibiting a life that reflected Jesus and bring them to Christ.

Kartar stood firm in his call and tried to bring many peoples to Jesus. He walked each and every street proclaiming the Gospel. He was accused of entering Tibet without the government permission. Kartar was produced before the head of singom, He was sentenced to Death there , Though he was sentenced to Death, Kartar was preaching the Gospel to as many as possible, he never ever once betrayed Jesus, because of this he was sacked inside a buffalo’s skin and thrown in the hot sun. As the sun was rising the skin started to dry and shrink, which broke Kartar’s bones one by one. He was teased by those who stood around. Kartar was not worried by the pain, but kept on telling that Jesus was the only true God. Not even once during the cruel agony Kartar denied Jesus, not a single drop of tears dropped from his eyes. He silently tolerated the agony and surrendered his soul in the hands of the Lord. Sadhu sundar singh was abundantly motivated by the life of Kartar Singh.

Though I was able to do many things, I was unable to do all! – Kartar Singh

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