Have you ever heard the story about the farmer who told his wife one morning that he was going to plough the southern side of his farm ?He got off to an early start so he could oil the tractor . He needed more oil, so he went to the shop to get it. On the way to the shop, he noticed his cows weren’t fed . So he proceeded to the cattle feed , where he found some sacks of feed. The sacks reminded him that his potatoes were sprouting. When he started for the potato pit , he passed the woodpile and remembered that his daughter wanted wood in the house. As he picked up a few sticks , an ailing goat passed by. He dropped the wood and reached for the goat. When evening arrived , the frustrated farmer had not even gotten to the tractor, let alone the field!

How many times have you found yourself in a similar situation? You intended to do something you knew was important, but were distracted and never accomplished what you set out to do.

Or perhaps you can think of something that you have always wanted to do but can never find time for.

By the same question, are you aware of something that you do often that is a waste of time ?

If you are a normal person, you answered “Yes” to both questions and thought of something specific in each case. Isn’t it strange that we can want to do one thing for a long time and never get to it, and yet at the same time we freely admit that we are wasting time on other activities ?



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When a husband and wife understand and value each other’s purposes, they can have a rewarding relationship.

Don’t expect one person to do all the cooking, washing, or cleaning. If you don’t expect your spouse to do those things, then when he or she doesn’t do them, how can you be disappointed? When your spouse chooses to bless you by doing something unexpected, you’ll be more inclined to be thankful and appreciative.
A role within a marriage should be a temporary responsibility based on the ability of the one who is able to respond to the need at that given moment. Responsibility is determined by availability and capability.
If you see water on the floor, don’t just stand there and think, “Well that’s my wife’s job. She does the mopping.” No, you saw it, so you respond. If you have the ability to respond, then it’s your responsibility.


We know that sex is a temporary action and is subject to constant change. Since it is always changing, you can’t trust it. If you can’t put your trust in it, you know you’re in trouble when you try to build your relationship upon it.
Sex does not produce commitment. If you don’t believe me, ask a prostitute. Sex is a result of commitment in marriage. If your sexual relationship alone doesn’t make your marriage, then it can’t break it either.
When you say something to your spouse, you have to remember that your spouse may hear his or her interpretation of what you said based upon his or her personal history, and this may be quite different from what you actually meant. Your wife is supposed to be even better and sweeter to you as you both get older. Grow old gracefully together.

Your wife wants to hear, “I love you. You’re beautiful. You’re so precious to me.” Your husband doesn’t need to hear anything; just rub his head and touch his neck when he’s driving, and he’s in heaven. So, talk to your wife, or give your husband physical affection.

Your wedding ring represents to the whole world that no matter where you go by yourself, you belong to and are committed to another and are not looking for anybody else. Never leave home without wearing it.
There are things your husband can do that you cannot do, or there are things your wife can do that you cannot do. You should not try to compete with each other, but complete each other. Don’t compete—but complete.



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How a Man Hears Language

On the other hand, a woman needs to realize that when she talks to a man, he hears it only as information. He runs on information because he’s a logical thinker. When she wants to talk to a man, she has to learn to tell him what she thinks, not what she feels. Sometimes a woman will become upset at something that a man has done and will start crying. Again, a woman
needs to release her emotions, and she often expresses them through her tears. However, the man says, “I’m going to leave. I’ll come back when you’ve settled down and we can talk.” To a woman, he’s being cold. What he’s really saying is, “I’m looking for information, and I’m not receiving any. There is no reason for me to be here.” So, he goes away for a while, and then comes back and asks, “Are you ready to talk now?” He doesn’t understand that the woman has been trying to communicate something to him through her emotions. He thinks it’s information; she feels it’s personal.
Because his response is related to his design, a woman needs to work with the equipment the way it’s made. She can sit down and say, “Honey, I have something to say to you. I did not appreciate-and it really made me feel less valued by you-when you did not open the door for me tonight in front of our friends. I know you didn’t do it intentionally, but it is important for others to know that you respect me. I love you very much, and I want to be as dignified as possible to make you proud.”
A man wants a woman’s information; he doesn’t want her tears because he doesn’t know how to respond to them. This is a serious point of difference and conflict between women and men. The woman cries, but the man cannot “feel” her tears. He feels sorry that she is crying, but he wants to know what he can do to fix things. He wants information.

The Woman Always Remembers

A final aspect of the differences between the communication styles of women and men is that women don’t usually forget things, while men generally have to be reminded over and over.

Most men don’t know the reason why women remember things, and most women can’t understand why men don’t recall things. It has to do with their purpose and design. Men tend to think about goals and the bottom line, while women tend to remember details. These differences are complementary. However, they can be the source of serious problems in a relationship because, when you don’t understand the purpose of something, you can become suspicious of it. You can begin to suspect the person you’re dealing with of having ulterior motives.



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What the Woman Says Expresses How She Feels

What a woman says is an expression of what she feels, while what a man says is an expression of what he thinks. The woman has thoughts, and the man has feelings. However, a woman will more likely express what she feels, and a man will more likely express what he thinks. They are communicating two completely different levels of information. Once we understand this concept and apply while communicating with each other , positive changes in relationship starts .

The Woman’s Hidden Thoughts

When a woman is under stress and wants someone to empathize with her so that she doesn’t feel so alone in her difficulty, she may say something to her husband like, “Your parents are coming for dinner tomorrow, the house is a mess, we don’t have any groceries, the kids have been underfoot all day, and I just can’t do it all!” Her husband, who is a thinker, will immediately try to come up with a solution for his distraught wife. “Well, what if I go buy some groceries?” “No, I have to do that tomorrow when I know what I want to cook.” “Then why don’t I take you and the kids out to dinner so you won’t have to worry about that tonight?” “No, we can’t be out late. The kids need baths and besides, I have to use up the leftovers.” “Well, then, let me
straighten things up a little.” “No, I need to do that. I know where everything belongs.”
By now, the man is totally exasperated because he is trying to help his wife, but she is rejecting all of his suggestions. He doesn’t realize that what the woman really wants is for him to take her in his arms and tell her how much she is appreciated. While she would also probably appreciate his help, she first needs emotional contact with him so that she can be emotionally stabilized. Then she will be able tackle the other problems, and they won’t
seem as insurmountable. What she was thinking was that she could handle things if she received some love and affection from her husband. What she expressed was her overwhelming feelings of overload and fatigue, which her husband interpreted as a need for him to solve her problems by taking action.
A woman doesn’t always tell a man what she is thinking. When she starts to become emotional, he needs to be patient and try to work through her emotions to find out what she is thinking. Sometimes, he has to dig deep to find out what is actually on her mind, because what a woman is thinking is often different from what she is saying.

It can be difficult for women to understand how very hard it is for men to express their feelings. Yet it is very important for a woman not to come to any conclusions about a man’s motivations until she discovers what he is feeling. There are many men who are feeling emotions that they have difficulty verbalizing. They are hurting; they feel sad and weak inside. They feel like losers. They are depressed that they haven’t been promoted for ten years and that nothing is working out with their jobs. They feel as if they have failed their wives. They feel bad, but it is hard for them to come up with the words to express their feelings. A woman needs to learn to create an environment that will enable a man to tell her what he is feeling. When she works through his thinking, she will find out what he is feeling, and she will discover that what he is feeling is often very different from what he has been saying.



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PHILIP NERI ( 1513 – 1595 )

To keep talking is the passion of some people. The funniest thing in this is the people who spend their time in disgracing others.

Such a woman once came to meet Philip. He decided to correct her, so he ordered her to go to market and buy a chicken, he further instructed her to to pluck the bird’s feather one by one and throw it away. When she arrived finishing her task , he asked her to go back and pick those feathers. Immediately the woman questioned him , ‘how is it possible? all the feathers would have scattered and flown away here and there in the wind. Just like it your words you speak spoiling others cannot be taken back. It will only yield evil. The woman felt sorry for her mistakes and apologised.

Philip was the son of an Italian named Francisco. With a desire to bring more people to heaven he started a church. He led the youth in spirituality. He involved himself more in prayer and meditation. Considering the situation of the downtrodden he helped them. He visited the patients in the hospitals. He was humorous in his conversations. He made the people to laugh and learn.

Deep spiritual experience, humbleness, self rejection, control over passions, he not only exercised these virtues but made his visitors also to exercise them.

One day a big man visited him, nearby few young peoples were making noise, When it was brought to him as a complaint he said, let the young men scratch my back with firewood, but let them not sin. This lover of the youth was the second Apostle of Rome.

Beware to walk away from small sins; One that does small sins without fear, will indulge in great sins. – Philip Neri


Many people approach marriage in the same way they buy a car.

This misunderstanding and discord between women and men may be
illustrated by the way many people approach marriage today. Most people are
unprepared for the marriage relationship. They approach it in the same way
that they buy a car. When you want to buy a new car, how do you go about
it? You go to various car dealerships, compare the models and features, make
your selection, sign the papers, and then drive your new car home. The mere
act of getting married is like purchasing that new car; both are relatively
simple to do. You look at the choices, find somebody you like, go to a
minister or pastor of the peace for the ceremony, receive your marriage
certificate, and then go home with your new spouse.

At first, everything seems effortless. Buying a new car, driving it home,
parking it in the garage, and admiring it in its mint condition isn’t any
problem. Driving with the full tank of petrol that the car dealer gave you
isn’t any problem. Similarly, it’s easy to marry a spouse, step over the
threshold, and enjoy the honeymoon. Cruising on lovely honeymoon trips,
feelings are fine for a while.
However, buying a car is one thing; operating and maintaining it is
something else. Likewise, getting married is one thing, while maintaining and
growing in the relationship is another.
A car is meant to be a benefit to you, to help meet your transportation
needs. However, you must understand the needs of the car, because there will
come a time when that petrol tank will need to be refilled. There will come a
time when the car will need an oil change. There will come a time when
repairs will need to be made. If you don’t know the needs of a car, you will
say, “What’s wrong with this crazy car? Come on, car, you’ve been running
for the last month. What is wrong with you?” All the time you are swearing at
the car, the car is sitting there wanting to serve you. Yet it can’t, because you
don’t know its needs and aren’t attending to them.
Suppose you then say to yourself, “Well, when I get thirsty, I drink water,
so the car must need water. I’m going to fill the gas tank with water.” You try
to attend to the needs of the car based on your own needs. Now you’re in
trouble, because the water you put in the gas tank has gone through the car’s
system and damaged it. Now your car won’t run at all. So you say to your car,
“When I drink water, I’m revived. What is wrong with you?” Your needs are
not the same as your car’s needs, and your car’s needs are not the same as
your needs. When you want a car or anything else to function, don’t give it
what you need. Find out what it needs, and then give it what it needs; then it
will work for you.
What has been happening in relationships between males and females is
that we have, in a sense, been putting water in the petrol tank. We’ve been
trying to function without understanding or addressing the other’s individual
needs. We have been trying to operate based only on what we need. That’s
why many relationships are at a standstill. That’s why there has been so much
misunderstanding and conflict between men and women throughout history.

Of course, understanding the design of a woman (and a man) is also
extremely important for a marriage relationship. When we learn what it truly
means to be female and male, we can effectively enter into relationships with
others, including the marriage relationship.

A woman is gifted with many creative abilities that can assist her loved
ones, herself, and the world. She is an entire research and development
department all in one. She sees possibilities and potential. She develops ideas
and programs. She conceives and invents.
Your wife is an inherent incubator—she multiplies everything she
receives. Give her a smile, and she’ll give you her heart. Give her sperm, and
she’ll give you a baby. Give her a house, and she’ll give you a home.Give her
frustration, and…?
Husbands, pay attention: If you take a little idea and drop it into your
wife’s mind, you’ll never get just an idea back—you’ll get a detailed plan!
Wives, your ability to think, incubate, and come up with plans is supposed
to help your husband, but what are you using those abilities for? If you’re
trying to prove to him that you’re just as good as he is, then you’re not his
helper; you’re his competitor.

Some men have been told negative things about themselves all their lives,
and they just need an encouraging word from their wives. A wife can be a
powerful force for good in her husband’s life.



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Katar Singh was born to a wealthy Sikh parents in the village called Patiala in India. Kartar’s father wanted his son to excel in all fields, so Kartar was given training and exposure in every field that was necessary.

Right from his childhood Kartar was fascinated and attracted by the Christian Doctorines, and gave his heart to the biblical truths. The more he loved the words of Jesus, his sinful life was washed. Finally he offered himself to Jesus Christ totally.

Because of his love for Jesus he was driven out of the house empty handed. But Kartar started to preach the Gospel in the towns and villages of Patiala. He Preached the Gospel in Punjab even. he crossed the great mountain and entered Tibet. The buddhist monks there opposed his teachings. He was able to win some souls even there by exhibiting a life that reflected Jesus and bring them to Christ.

Kartar stood firm in his call and tried to bring many peoples to Jesus. He walked each and every street proclaiming the Gospel. He was accused of entering Tibet without the government permission. Kartar was produced before the head of singom, He was sentenced to Death there , Though he was sentenced to Death, Kartar was preaching the Gospel to as many as possible, he never ever once betrayed Jesus, because of this he was sacked inside a buffalo’s skin and thrown in the hot sun. As the sun was rising the skin started to dry and shrink, which broke Kartar’s bones one by one. He was teased by those who stood around. Kartar was not worried by the pain, but kept on telling that Jesus was the only true God. Not even once during the cruel agony Kartar denied Jesus, not a single drop of tears dropped from his eyes. He silently tolerated the agony and surrendered his soul in the hands of the Lord. Sadhu sundar singh was abundantly motivated by the life of Kartar Singh.

Though I was able to do many things, I was unable to do all! – Kartar Singh


The dimensions around us are full of raw data, transmitted to your soul to be sifted, refined, analyzed, and ultimately used in the decision making process. These raw data are sent to our minds from our five senses and from our spirit. Information does not enter our souls already identified. It comes as simple bits of data that we then need to interpret and identify. Our soul interprets this information and makes decisions accordingly. The typical unregenerated mind cannot understand the information it receives from the realm of spirit since this information is only appraised spiritually.

Our five senses reject the things of spirit that do not compute with the things of the natural. That is why miracles are so hard to accept. The natural mind cannot accept spiritual healing, turning water into wine, speaking in tongues, or even resurrection from the dead. The mind that has been transformed by the Lord will find the miracles much easier to accept and fellowship with the Lord much easier to enjoy. It is essential that we allow God to renew our minds in order to adequately understand and identify the information we are constantly receiving from the five senses and from our spirit.

If we are tuned in only to the five senses, we are getting just a portion of the information we need to make correct decisions, the spirit world is just as real as the natural world. It contains important information as to the course and function of our lives. When we do not hear or regard this data, our lives are shallow indeed.

But, you may wonder, don’t we want the feelings and desires and emotions of God to be our own? Most certainly we do. But it is also vital that we can identify the difference between what is coming from God and what is coming from the evil one. Trickery is Satan’s most successful tool for turning God’s children away from Him.

You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You. – Isaiah 26:3

Inspired From : Breaking Demonic Strongholds – Don Nori Sr.


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JOHN GIBSON PATON ( 1824 – 1907 )

Have you ever heard of cannibals who chew, taste, and eat humans? You might have. The south-eastern part of Australia has a cluster of Islands called New Hebrides. They lived as cannibals. They didn’t knew anything about Civilization.

John Gibson Paton went to this place along with his young wife Mary Anne in 1858. Though the disturbances of the cannibals increased day by day he continued his mission without bothering about it.

In 1859 he lost his loving wife to a venomous fever. Their three weeks old child too was dead within a week. He had this heartbreaking experience of burying his wife and child with his own hands.

Trials and troubles simultaneously shattered Paton. Since the philosophy of missionary service is to stand fast and endure in the call, Paton was not perturbed by any of these.

Once, the Island suffered from scarcity of water. Paton dug wells and helped them. When the people saw water gushing from the bottom of the earth. They yelled “it is raining from under”. Paton led all those people of the Island who lived in ignorance to Jesus. He translated the New Testament in Aniwa and published in 1899.

Paton, further continued and built Orphanages, Schools , Churches and Bible Schools for those peoples, He slept on 28th January 1907.

If it was not Jesus and his fellowship I would have gone mad long ago. – John G. Paton


Your soul is where your most precious gift from God rests. That gift is your free will. The information from the spirit and natural realms rules it out in your mind. It is there that the data you have received convince you to do what you do.

Most peoples do not realize the powerful significance of this. God has always had people who love Him according to their own desire. The data from the spirit are vital to the decisions we make as we seek to find and serve the Lord we love. When we focus solely on either realm, we become imbalanced and do not adequately see the entire picture. Here is the balance from the Scriptures:

An uninspiring person does not receive messages from God’s Spirit. To him, they are without meaning; he cannot understand them. They can only be understood in a Spiritual way (1 Corinthians 2:14).

The incredible thing about God is that He saw the influence the enemy would have over our bodies. He therefore decided to take up residence within us, placing a position of His Kingdom in the midst of formerly occupied territory. Remember, we were bought by Jesus, and He owns us body, soul, and spirit. He can live, occupy, and bless wherever He wants!

Surely you realize that your body is a temple sanctuary? You have received the Holy Spirit from God. The Holy Spirit is inside you – in the temple sanctuary. You don’t belong to yourselves (1 Corinthians 6:19).

God describes Himself as “I AM” not once or twice but 1,033 times. “I AM” describes His existence in the realm of spirit. This is a place where there is no time as we know it. This spirit realm is the place of our completion. We are protected from all that dwells in this realm that opposes God. It is as though we live in an impenetrable ship in deep space. We live in the Spirit, while in this spirit world.

[Jesus said,] I don’t come from the world; they don’t come from the world, either” (John 17:16).

And exactly where is He? He is in the dimension of spirit. He is outside of time and space. He is outside the rules of physics that govern this realm. He carried the cup of His own blood to this realm of spirit. He delivered it to the throne of God, the Mercy Seat, your heart, where He sprinkled it pure so the Father and Son could seat themselves permanently in you. He prepared a place there for your soul to rest. It is where His counsel, His compassion, His wisdom, and His mercy are available to you. It is here that He wants us to allow Him to change our minds so we can believe, receive, and experience everything He has for us.

Inspired from : Breaking Demonic Strongholds – Don Nori Sr.


This post is about a brother called Jamie, who works for a huge international corporation. In his early days with the company, a man came by his desk, struck up a conversation, and asked Jamie what he did there.? After telling the man about his work, Jamie asked the man his name. “My name is Rich,” he replied.

“Nice to meet you,” Jamie answered. “And what do you do around here?” “Oh, I am the owner.”

Jamie suddenly realized that this casual, humble conversation was his introduction to one of the richest men in the world.

In this day of self-glorification and the celebration of “me,” this little story can serve as a reminder of Paul’s important words in the book of Philippians: “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit”. People who turn their attention to others and not on themselves have the characteristics Paul mentions.

When we “value others above[ourselves],” we demonstrate Christlike humility. We mirror Jesus, who came not “to be served, but to serve”. When we take “the very nature of a servant”, we have the mindset of Jesus.

As we interact with others today, let’s not look on our own interests alone but also “to the interests of the others”.