SAMUEL LEIBOWITZ : The meaning of being “Grateful”

This is the story of Samuel Leibowitz (August 14, 1893 – January 11, 1978), a famous criminal lawyer who never lost any murder case.While he won many cases in the court room, he is widely known for “THE SCOTTSBORO TRIAL”. In this case, nine young blacks were convicted of raping two white women in aContinue reading “SAMUEL LEIBOWITZ : The meaning of being “Grateful””

Get Rid Of The Cargo You Don’t Need

Amid all the hoopla of the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, one tragic casualty was generally overlooked. Boomer, a bald eagle, didn’t make it. In the extravagant opening ceremonies Boomer was scheduled to soar into the Coliseum to the strains of “America The Beautiful.” Unfortunately, Boomer was unable to show up for his performance.Continue reading “Get Rid Of The Cargo You Don’t Need”