Dealing with the power of Pisgah

Pisgah refers to a condition of life when you are at the verge of breakthrough, but a force prevents you from attaining it. You can see the miracle but unable to walk into it. The Bible says God took Moses to the top of Pisgah and showed him the Promised Land. He had for so many years laboured to get into, but he never crossed over there. When you look around today, you will find that so many people get close to success but never make it in life. It is the power of Pisgah that is working against them. This explains why a lot of people work so hard in life but never reap the fruit of their labour. Whenever you meet such people, their story is summarised in one slogan; I almost killed the bird, I almost got the contract, I almost got married, I almost…….. But never getting there. This is what I call the “near success syndrome.” if that has been your situation today, I prophesy to you today, you are crossing over by fire!

There is a power responsible for such failure at the edge of success. In Num. 23:14, the Bible tells us that, “Balaam stood at the mount of Pisgah and erected 7 altars, with the intention of striking the people. This means if the power of Pisgah is operating in someone’s life, an evil altar has been erected against such a person. How else can we explain the case of Moses, whose purpose in life was to deliver the Israelites from Egypt and lead them into the Promised Land. He earnestly looked forward to entering that Promised Land, having suffered through the wilderness and coping with the rebellious attitude of the people, he missed out of the Promised Land. The power of Pisgah pushed him out of his rest.

There are some “powers that be”, which will never fight or oppose you when you start a race. They wait at the finishing line to strike. This same power pursued Moses, the meekest man on earth, out of his expected end.

A young man once applied for a job, and satisfactorily attempted all the different stages of exams after which he was shortlisted for a final interview. He arrived early at the venue but got stuck in an elevator that was to take him to the floor of the conference room where the interview was scheduled to hold. The electrical fault could not be rectified till about 1pm when the interview was over. The panel of interviewers waited for him not knowing he was within the premises. He missed the job. The power of Pisgah struck when he was close to being employed in that company. In the same vein, so many people who are pregnant with miracles suffer devastating miscarriage while waiting for the fullness of their joy.

A lot of people are fighting an intense satanic battle at the edge of their breakthrough. 1 Cor. 16:9 says “God has opened the door for us already” that is, every promise has been given to us but a great multitude of enemies are standing right at the door to see that you don’t walk in. We begin to understand why somebody can get a promise of help from a friend or relation and suddenly the helper begins to tell a different story or even hide from the person; it is the power of Pisgah. In some families, nobody ever rises beyond a particular level.

The only way to tackle such a situation is by prayers. If Balaam was hired at Pisgah to strike the Israelites, we must be ready to strike every enemy at the gate. Some of the signs of the power of Pisgah is in operation includes, having a particular dream that comes repeatedly when you are about to get a breakthrough such as picking of coins, snails, etc. Some others are being pursued by human or masquerade in the dream. The implication of this is that they are pursued out of their blessings. Some have sex in the dream when close to their breakthrough and so miss it. For some, it is a display of unnecessary anger. This was what pushed Moses out of his promised land. Sin is a major sign.

Finally, the power of Pisgah is the most frustrating spiritual battle that people engage in. What could be worse than labouring so hard for something, and just when your efforts are expected to yield returns, it slips through your finger? We must be determined to strike any enemy standing at the gate of our miracles, by tackling it with intensive prayers.

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