What is a Demon?

First, you have to know who Satan is. Satan was one of the highest ranking angels in Heaven, his name was Lucifer. But he was full of pride because he wanted to be God. Isaiah 14:12-15 says:

‘“How you are fallen from heaven… For you said to yourself, ‘I will ascend to heaven and set my throne above God’s stars… and be like the Most High. Instead, you will be brought down to the place of the dead, down to its lowest depths.”’

Satan cast out of Heaven because he wanted to be above God. Jesus Himself said in Luke 10:18 – “I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning!”

BUT while Satan was still in Heaven he managed to convince a multitude of angels to join him. He deceived them into joining him. He made them believe he was more powerful than God. Because Satan is a LIAR! The Bible calls these fallen angels ‘demons’.

How do Demons Affect You?

Demons roam around in the unseen spiritual world. But they can affect the physical world!

Demons have two primary objectives:

To keep us from knowing Jesus and stop us from serving Him effectively. They do this by harassing and tormenting us. They can torment our minds with lies, extreme depression, and anxiety. They try to deceive us and trick us with the same lies that deceived them. Lies that say: ‘God doesn’t love you,’ ‘You will never be happy,’ ‘You will never be saved!’

They are behind almost every addiction. They compel us to sin and enslave us to keep doing that sin. They make us irrational, angry and lash out at the people we love. They make us tired, weak and sleepy.

Do you pray?

I can guarantee praying has, at some point, made you bored. It has made you tired. Thoughts in your head distract you from what you want to focus on. Why? Because the primary objective of demons is to keep us from knowing Jesus and stop us from serving Him effectively! Demons affect almost every negative thought or action you find hard to control.

 How do I Know it’s a Demon?

We all have a sinful nature. The Bible calls it the nature of the flesh. It’s important to know the difference between a demon and your sinful nature. Imagine this. You have been stuck in a traffic jam for an hour now. Instead of being patient, you get angry. That’s probably your sinful nature causing you to sin.

BUT when it gets to the point where you can’t control your anger. When you get angry at every little thing and you abuse people in your anger. That’s a demon.

Because demons enslave us! They chain us to bad habits, emotions, and addictions. Things we have less control over.

Is there a sin in your life you can’t control? If there is, that is a VERY good sign that a demon is affecting you in some way.

To be delivered from a demon, call on the name of the LORD! Ask God to release this demons grip on you. This demon of anger, depression, tiredness, lust or fear! Because Jesus can cast out any demon!

Joel 2:32 says:

‘But everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved,’

The power of prayer is MASSIVELY underestimated in our society!

Prayer will change your life. It has the power to drive any demon 100 million miles away from you! Pray and believe, and it will happen!

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