If there is a word that conjures up strong emotions when spoken, it has to be the word hate. I can even picture a human face contorting as it utters that word. It is almost like one cannot even say the words, I hate you, without the display of an outburst of emotions attached to them.

Since spirits manifest themselves as influences through persons, it is only natural that a spirit of hate would manifest itself through a person with such a display of emotion.

A victim of hatred can experience the followings: Nobody trusts him on anything. He is a suspect for any negative thing that happens, even when he was not around. He is underrated and remains in obscurity. No one believes in his ability. No patronage for his business. As a lady, no suitor for marriage and when one appears, he disappears without explanation. Rather than talk to him people talk about him. He is also experiencing bad luck and spirit of dishonor. His parents and relations prefer the other children. People always make negative remarks about him. Nobody see him, when he does something right, but only when he makes mistakes.

​The hated experiences bad dreams like human waste (faeces) on his body, seeing himself in a refuse dump, being naked in the public place, meeting with lepers, eating and having sex in dreams, unable to climb or descend the hill, etc. Rejection is a satanic attack intended to make the victim dejected or frustrated. It is common in the lives of people with good future or destiny. Rejection is a pressure on one that could make him compromise and reject his destiny. Dejection and frustration are acts of rebelling against God. No matter the bad situation, God has promised deliverance. Heb 10: 22, Jer. 1:19, Josh 1: 5-9, Examples of the rejected, who succeeded in the Bible include: David, Joseph, Jabesh, Modecai and indeed our Lord Jesus about whom the Jews told Pilate “Let the curse that results from his crucifixion come upon us and our children. Just crucify him.” We also have the list of those who succumbed to rejection and got dejected, thereby losing their destiny as (i) 10 of the spies that Moses sent to Canaan (ii) Elli the prophet at Shiloh (iii) The servant that was given one talent.

Brethren, if your life is abnormal as discussed above, you need only seven months to completely change everything and turn your life around. You need spiritual dedication, keeping yourself holy and using the words of God (Psalms of the afflicted) day and night. Consider reading – Psalms 17, 22, 44, 69 and Exodus chapter 1 to 14.

Make every effort not to get caught up in their web of cruel hatred and bad intentions. Let God’s love fill us with His peace, and deliver us from the snares of the wicked one. Let not our hearts backslide from His love.

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