You might feel terror when faced with a deadly threat. You may feel anxious about getting on stage to speak. These are natural feelings.

But you also might be controlled by a spirit of fear.

The term “spirit of fear” comes from 2 Timothy 1:7: “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind”. Sometimes, this fear can be difficult to recognize, and might manifest in different ways than one might expect.

A spirit of fear comes from not being able to put our trust completely in God. The Holy Spirit is not timid, but full of power. When we are in right relationship with God, there is no need for fear, because God has given us His Spirit. The Bible reminds us over and over again not to fear; some estimate that this directive is included as many as 365 times, but it is certainly over a hundred. However, it is foolishness to fear anything other than God, for He is greater than all things.

3 Signs You Are Being Controlled by a Spirit of Fear

1. Feeling Unloved by God : This might not seem like a symptom of fear. However, this may be the most important indicator that you are suffering from a spirit of fear. The enemy would like nothing better than for us to hide from God, believing He does not love us. When we’re feeling unloved by God, instead of hiding from Him, we must run to Him and cling even more tightly.

2. Difficulty Engaging in Relationships :

This does not apply just to romantic relationships, though they are included. At times, we may have difficulty connecting with friends, family, peers, or coworkers. 

This is for many reasons: fear of rejection, fear of being hurt, fear of being responsible for someone else, or of having to give something up for others, fear of becoming dependent. It can be difficult to love if we’ve been hurt before. However, it is far easier when we realize that the most important relationship in our lives is our relationship with God, not with others. If He is our priority, if we lean on Him, then even if humans fail, as we all do, we will have the steady foundation of God’s love to stand on.

3. Worry and Indecision in Making Choices :

Have you ever been paralyzed by a decision? What is the right course to take? What will happen if you make the wrong choice?

It can be immobilizing as we contemplate what could happen if we make a mistake. However, often, the fear inside of us makes the consequences or problem seem much more earth-shattering than they truly are. Instead, we must trust that no matter what happens, even if we make the wrong choice, God is still holding on to us. He is always with us, no matter what path we take.

What Can We Do to Fight off Fear?

On our own, we should fear. We have no control over the world. We don’t control the weather, our health, other people, or anything else, as much as we may try to prepare for every possibility. However, God does have full control. He also knows exactly what is going to happen. The only way to fight fear is to put our trust in Him.

As imperfect humans, we will never fully conquer our fears. However, in the journey, we have so much to learn about our Lord, and such room to grow in love and faith.

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