When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and father of lies (John 8:44b).

The deceiver also distorted humankind’s self concept. He said to Adam and Eve: “Look at you, You are Naked.” So they felt bad about themselves and put on clothes. They covered up their bodies.

Ever since that day, we have become professional “cover-ups.” We don’t like ourselves , we don’t like our physical bodies. I’m too Fat, too Skinny, My hair is ugly, my nose is bigger, my eyes are… my lips are… my ears are.., I don’t like my skin, So , we try to cover up what we don’t like. If our hair is curly , we straighten it, If our skin is too pale , we tan it. Nobody is satisfied with themselves.

This attitude is from the devil. We can’t be ourselves because satan has destroyed our appreciation of what God has made. Our potential has been distorted. We have accepted satan’s ploy to destroy our esteem for the beautiful creation God made us to be. If you love yourself, you are not going to lower your standards. You will not sell yourself to anybody. you won’t allow anybody to buy you – You are too expensive.

Let us discern for ourselves what is right; Let us learn together what is good – (Job 34:4).

Satan came to destroy our real intelligence. In the Garden a strange word is used in the Hebrew to talk about knowing. The Bible says Adam and Eve knew that they were naked (Genesis 3:7). Knew means they became ” Physically – or – sensually aware.” Their senses suddenly took on leadership. thus the soul became alive without the spirit directing it. Man began to live from the outside, instead of the inside. Adam and Eve became aware of their nakedness, They became aware of the leaves that could cover themselves. they became conscious of shame and fear – the things that come from outside – not from intellect.

Satan destroyed man’s true intelligence, which is a spiritual relationship with God. When we are connected with God, our spirits can know anything, that’s why the knowledge in which God communicates is not learned. It is discerned. The knowledge of God is not found in any books; it’s a deeper knowledge. Your real intelligence is not studied, It is Discerned .

By destroying our relationship with God, satan capped off our life potential. he continually tries to destroy any possibility that we might become more than we already are. He puts teachers in our classrooms to call us stupid. He sends someone to call us dumb or worthless, He uses our parents to tell us that we will never be anything. Satan sets us up, he chops down our self-confidence and slams the door on your potential by convincing yourself that you are nothing: “You’ll never rise above your family’s status, “You’ll never go beyond your neighborhood, You’ll never be more than your peers. You don’t stand a chance.” The devil has been teaching and preaching those lies to keep us down. he is very skilled at his deceptive art. It’s time to wake up and strike back.

Commit to the Lord , whatever you do , and your plans will succeed – Proverbs 16:3

Source : Daily Devotion – Dr. Myles Munroe

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