One of the most interesting conversation I have ever had was with a young man who was not interested in doing anything but things that were wrong. I asked him if he believed in God and wanted to do anything right in life. He replied that he wanted to do what is right, but he watched his mother go to church every week and talk about God and then come home and curse him out! This caused the young man to take the back-seat approach to God and oberve others to see if they were hypocrites.

Peer pressure is a fact of teenage life. Teenagers experience gratification from impressing other and from “beating the system” Teens often plan together. If they intend to bunk classes or sneak out in night or go to a place where they are not supposed to go, they will plan to face the consequences together or try and beat the system together. Teens hardly do anything that is not designed to impress their peers.

Parents, on the other hand, are different. They usually don’t collaborate with their peers when they are dealing with children, but children will collaborate with each other while dealing with their parents. It is critical for parents to recognize and be aware of the collaboration that takes place among the teens.

As adults, we must provide everything we can to minimize the opportunities for teens to take chances and make wrong choices. It is important to create an environment of accountability in which the teenagers know that you are involved in their lives and that you are trying to help them avoid the consequences of Bad decisions. Keep asking questions without overbearing.

In order to create a brighter future for your child and yourself, it is important to recognize the importance of becoming the best possible parent and to act upon this goal as early as possible.

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