Movies / Cinema – It was started for Entertainment & Social Re-formations. But today it’s purpose has been shattered.

  1. Movies are mostly a myth, or someone’s wild imaginations.
  2. Movies are Seducing and attractive.
  3. Even if it seems like , a movie is teaching us something, It doesn’t change anyone’s Life.
  4. The Actors who play the “so called” characters of the story are not the original Protagonists of the Movie.
  5. It is a Job of an Actor & An Income for his Living.
  6. People spend their time and money to watch it , and loose their Souls to Negative Influence.
  7. Movies Provoke Lust and Pushes us into Sin , Mostly the Women are Glamorized in songs , Costumes and Acting.
  8. The viewers who captures the unwanted Glamorized version of Women, Violence or Style with their eyes, can have worse consequences in life.
  9. Movies Enslave everyone.
  10. It was not created by God , It was created by the World, So it won’t Glorify our God.

I do not have the Rights to write and Post it to this world , But the Children of God should be Freed from the Clutches of Movie Addiction.

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