What do you say to a man who constantly battles feelings of inferiority, thoughts of suicide, or habitually hearing voices telling him he’s a loser who will never measure up as a husband, dad, son, or child of God?

He tells you he’s prayed, fasted, memorized Scripture, and studied his Bible, but the ideas, accusations, and voices never release their paralyzing grip, at least not for very long.

Do you tell him he just needs rest? That it’s a chemical imbalance? Do you assume he’s schizophrenic because he says there are voices in his head? Or might this battle be something more than physiological or psychological? The Devil Accuses us and oppresses us in many ways, Let’s see some of his tactics.

  1. Listening to the Scriptures and realising it , but still he won’t allow you to dedicate yourself.
  2. Even if you dedicate yourself , He won’t allow you to Confess and Preach about him.
  3. He will not allow the Name of God to be Glorified.
  4. Paul declared himself to be the chief Sinner among all Sinners.
  5. David confessed that , I have sinned against the Lord.
  6. When Jesus himself said that no one is good , Except the God the Almighty.
  7. When Peter was Preaching, The peoples who were listening realised their sins and confessed, Then they asked What should we do ?


Confess what you Know, Confess what you have learnt, Confess and Repent of your Past ways. Only then will the name of the Lord will be Glorified.

In the last two studies, we saw that there are very real unseen enemies and a battle in which we are engaged, whether we realise it or not. We also began to see who we are and the authority and power that God has given us through the cross of Christ. The Lord has not left us unequipped for this battle. He has given us all that we need to take our place in the fight and be victorious against our foe. As Christians, we are called to wage war against the enemy whether we see ourselves as spiritual warriors or not. If we are to fulfil the Great Commission to preach the gospel to the world and to make disciples of all nations, we will have opposition. Although there are different gifts and callings in the Body of Christ, we are all drawn into this cosmic conflict and called to be victorious with Christ. No one is left out of the battle.

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