There is a proverb that goes like this known is a drop , unknown is an ocean. But there is much harm because of people who know little, but pretend to know everything. Great scholars, thinkers and achievers in life have remained in the habit of learning. When we stop learning we stop growing. When progress stops, the destruction starts at once.

A scholar said, “Growth is the only evidence of life”. There is no necessity for a person to learn everything. but we must learn the things connected with our vision so as to be successful.

Former Chief Minister and a great politician of Tamil Nadu Mr. C.N. Annadurai was once suffering from severe cancer. The doctors decided to operate immediately. When asked about his consent, he requested them to do it the next day. When they questioned him for what he was afraid of? He replied, he was not afraid of the operation but , he was reading a book which was only half read and added, that if the operation won’t profit him good, he might not get the chance of reading the whole book.

Spend money on learning and books, it is not only for you but it is an investment for your future generation.


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