The children of Israel were in an incredible situation, much like the one we find ourselves in sometimes. They lived in the midst of miracles in the wilderness. He provided them fresh bread every morning. They had fresh water 24 hours a day, and they had quail to eat. Their clothes and shoes grew with them and never wore out. They had a flame by night to keep them warm, and the cloud by day to keep them cool. They were living in the miraculous of God, and yet God was not pleased with them because they would not let Him take them beyond their comfort zone.

They limited themselves by saying, This is what we believe; that’s all we believe, and anything else is from the pit. They, more or less, stuck their feet in the sand and told God, “This is all the farther we’re going.” Consequently, they missed the very thing they were born to fulfill.

Don’t let the trickster get you to believe that just because you are experiencing the miraculous, there is no more. Remember, the miracles were intended to help the children of Israel move into a new land, a new way of living, a deeper relationship with their Lord. They looked awesome, mighty, powerful to the rest of the world, but they themselves could not understand what God had for them. He had prepared for them a place of rest and peace and intimate relationship.

Remember, it’s easy to leave Egypt because you leave the sin you hate, but it’s hard to leave the wilderness because you have to leave the sin you crave. The thing within us that prevents us from going forward is the thing that we do not want to change; we don’t want to give it up; we need it.

We just know how to “look” spiritual , but deep inside each of us, there is a wall of resistance that we do not want to go beyond because of our unbelief. We think, I just can’t accept that; I just can’t do it. What am I going to leave behind? – Don Nori Sr.

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