PART 9 :


Ravenhill was a revival warrior of 20th century. He was born in England. He received greater visions from God through his regular prayer life.

He was burning with the fire of revival when he was studying in the college about the history of Churches. He brought in to the Lord’s fold thousands of people through his warm sermons. He converted the church from the sluggish situation prevailed in them and brought the church and clergy to a lively condition. He authored several reviving books. His teachings awakened not only England but also several other parts of the world and led the people to a spiritually warm life.

“Nothing is greater than my prayerful life. Pastors who never prays, only plays. People perish in a “Non-Praying church”. The talents can be revealed in the pulpits. But, not, in the prayer rooms. The primary ingredients for a victorious Christian life are vision and thirst; both these things are born and nourished through prayer. Jesus Christ died for every soul. But every soul was not informed of Jesus Christ. Everyday ends with more than 1,22,000 people dying without Jesus Christ in them. Are you not bothered or worried about this situation?”

The queries of the Ravenhill still make us to think about it. We have come across the world revival plenty of times. Have our people received a real revival in them?. “The sleeping churches” should be awakened. Missionaries should be sent out to the places where gospel has not reached or the very word “revival” will become meaningless.

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