PART 8 :


None who has tasted the love of Jesus can stay silent. They cannot control the joy and happiness they have received.

As the proverbial saying says “let the universe attain the happiness that I have attained”. They cannot keep quite but share the love of Jesus which they have tasted and found good. They will become a sweet spring of water to others.

Neelakanta Subbiah Pillai was a Brahmin born in Tamil Nadu. He was touched by the love of Jesus, and totally governed by him. He was compelled by the love of Jesus. He started to preach Christ in all villages and hamlets. He mingled with the poor and identified himself as a poor person, lived with them, ate the porridge given by them and lived like Jesus Christ.

Once a person was travelling on a bullock cart, through the village he was living. As soon as Subbiah saw that man he ran behind the cart, He testified about Jesus to that man. Even if he comes across women who came to draw water from the well, he will share the love of Jesus with them. He wrote in front and back of the kurtha he used to wear , the slogan “Believe Jesus” due to this many who saw and read this became more eager to know about Jesus and to learn more about Jesus. They became the children of god.

This great person was the one who was the pastor of the church of Nagercoil in Kanyakumari district, because of this righteous man the Christians in Tirunelveli obtained many spiritual fruits. He was a honest person who Practiced the words of Jesus in his life.

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