PART 7 :


Saint Ebba worked with eagerness and enthusiasm for educating the women of England and also for the growth of the kingdom of Jesus Christ. She was the daughter of a King. From her childhood she was filled with love for God and godly fear.

She developed an eagerness to propagate the good news of Jesus Christ as she found many people who lived in her country unaware of Jesus Christ. Her father invited a missionary called Adrian who had the passion for missionary work from Scotland to his country. He requested him to preach the gospel in his country. Due to this the thirst for missionary work surged in her young blood. She refused to surrender to the luxurious lifestyle of the princely life but surrender her soul for the missionary work filled with thoughts of Jesus Christ. Her sister also became a great believer.

To be pure and holy in the heart and body she joined in a nunnery and became a Nun. She started a nunnery by herself and admitted several other girls who offered themselves to Jesus Christ and encourage them to live a holy life. This served as a spiritual training centre.

She corrected several corruptions and disorderly things, she could find in her nunnery then and there. She made her nunnery to follow the disciplines which she expected other Christian establishment to follow. She totally abolished inequality and taught equal life in Jesus Christ. She approached the people with peace of heart and joy. She fulfilled their needs. A school in her memory was established in Chennai, India, Which makes the people remember her even today.

PONDER : Do we have the life of good conduct and esteemed thoughts?

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