PART 6 :

MARY JONES ( 1784 – 1864 )

Mary Jones of Wales had a great wish to buy a Holy Bible of her own. It was very hard to get a Bible in those days, Even if it was available , the poor couldn’t afford it. The price was exorbitant. Mary was very Poor. Then how did she manage to buy a Bible of her own ?

Six years rolled past. Her savings for buying a Bible , grew along with the passion to own a Bible. Mary Jones was bubbling with joy for the amount to buy a Bible was available at last. She came to know that the Holy Bibles were available with a Pastor who was living 25 Kilometres away from her place. She happily started her walk for the Purchase.

A great shock awaited Mary. A thunder struck her joy. She was disappointed to hear that the Bibles were out of stock . She began to weep and wail. The heart of the Pastor too broke.

His heart was shaken for the desire and efforts of the little girl to have a Bible. He brought out a beautiful Bible which he had kept for his own use. He placed it in the hands of Mary.

Mary stared at the Pastor not believing her eyes. Her Joy knew no bounds. She ran back to her village. She invited her relatives. She was overwhelmed with enthusiasm. Mary started to read the Bible aloud. This passion of Mary was the root cause for the emergence of International Bible Society.

Kindly Ponder , What is our Love for the Bible today ?

The Lord heard me; The Lord helped me. – Mary Jones

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