PART 5 :

PHILIP NERI ( 1513 – 1595 )

To keep talking is the passion of some people. The funniest thing in this is the people who spend their time in disgracing others.

Such a woman once came to meet Philip. He decided to correct her, so he ordered her to go to market and buy a chicken, he further instructed her to to pluck the bird’s feather one by one and throw it away. When she arrived finishing her task , he asked her to go back and pick those feathers. Immediately the woman questioned him , ‘how is it possible? all the feathers would have scattered and flown away here and there in the wind. Just like it your words you speak spoiling others cannot be taken back. It will only yield evil. The woman felt sorry for her mistakes and apologised.

Philip was the son of an Italian named Francisco. With a desire to bring more people to heaven he started a church. He led the youth in spirituality. He involved himself more in prayer and meditation. Considering the situation of the downtrodden he helped them. He visited the patients in the hospitals. He was humorous in his conversations. He made the people to laugh and learn.

Deep spiritual experience, humbleness, self rejection, control over passions, he not only exercised these virtues but made his visitors also to exercise them.

One day a big man visited him, nearby few young peoples were making noise, When it was brought to him as a complaint he said, let the young men scratch my back with firewood, but let them not sin. This lover of the youth was the second Apostle of Rome.

Beware to walk away from small sins; One that does small sins without fear, will indulge in great sins. – Philip Neri

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