The dimensions around us are full of raw data, transmitted to your soul to be sifted, refined, analyzed, and ultimately used in the decision making process. These raw data are sent to our minds from our five senses and from our spirit. Information does not enter our souls already identified. It comes as simple bits of data that we then need to interpret and identify. Our soul interprets this information and makes decisions accordingly. The typical unregenerated mind cannot understand the information it receives from the realm of spirit since this information is only appraised spiritually.

Our five senses reject the things of spirit that do not compute with the things of the natural. That is why miracles are so hard to accept. The natural mind cannot accept spiritual healing, turning water into wine, speaking in tongues, or even resurrection from the dead. The mind that has been transformed by the Lord will find the miracles much easier to accept and fellowship with the Lord much easier to enjoy. It is essential that we allow God to renew our minds in order to adequately understand and identify the information we are constantly receiving from the five senses and from our spirit.

If we are tuned in only to the five senses, we are getting just a portion of the information we need to make correct decisions, the spirit world is just as real as the natural world. It contains important information as to the course and function of our lives. When we do not hear or regard this data, our lives are shallow indeed.

But, you may wonder, don’t we want the feelings and desires and emotions of God to be our own? Most certainly we do. But it is also vital that we can identify the difference between what is coming from God and what is coming from the evil one. Trickery is Satan’s most successful tool for turning God’s children away from Him.

You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You. – Isaiah 26:3

Inspired From : Breaking Demonic Strongholds – Don Nori Sr.

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