Your soul is where your most precious gift from God rests. That gift is your free will. The information from the spirit and natural realms rules it out in your mind. It is there that the data you have received convince you to do what you do.

Most peoples do not realize the powerful significance of this. God has always had people who love Him according to their own desire. The data from the spirit are vital to the decisions we make as we seek to find and serve the Lord we love. When we focus solely on either realm, we become imbalanced and do not adequately see the entire picture. Here is the balance from the Scriptures:

An uninspiring person does not receive messages from God’s Spirit. To him, they are without meaning; he cannot understand them. They can only be understood in a Spiritual way (1 Corinthians 2:14).

The incredible thing about God is that He saw the influence the enemy would have over our bodies. He therefore decided to take up residence within us, placing a position of His Kingdom in the midst of formerly occupied territory. Remember, we were bought by Jesus, and He owns us body, soul, and spirit. He can live, occupy, and bless wherever He wants!

Surely you realize that your body is a temple sanctuary? You have received the Holy Spirit from God. The Holy Spirit is inside you – in the temple sanctuary. You don’t belong to yourselves (1 Corinthians 6:19).

God describes Himself as “I AM” not once or twice but 1,033 times. “I AM” describes His existence in the realm of spirit. This is a place where there is no time as we know it. This spirit realm is the place of our completion. We are protected from all that dwells in this realm that opposes God. It is as though we live in an impenetrable ship in deep space. We live in the Spirit, while in this spirit world.

[Jesus said,] I don’t come from the world; they don’t come from the world, either” (John 17:16).

And exactly where is He? He is in the dimension of spirit. He is outside of time and space. He is outside the rules of physics that govern this realm. He carried the cup of His own blood to this realm of spirit. He delivered it to the throne of God, the Mercy Seat, your heart, where He sprinkled it pure so the Father and Son could seat themselves permanently in you. He prepared a place there for your soul to rest. It is where His counsel, His compassion, His wisdom, and His mercy are available to you. It is here that He wants us to allow Him to change our minds so we can believe, receive, and experience everything He has for us.

Inspired from : Breaking Demonic Strongholds – Don Nori Sr.

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