When educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom, researching how to develop talent in young people, examined the childhoods of 120 elite performers – athletes, artists, scholars – he found that all of them had one thing in common: they had practiced intensively for long periods of time.

Bloom’s research suggests that growing in any area of our lives requires discipline. In our walk with God, too, cultivating the spiritual discipline of regularly spending time with Him is one way we can grow in our trust in Him.

Daniel is a good example of some one who prioritized a disciplined walk with God. As a young person, Daniel started making careful and wise decisions. He also was committed to praying regularly, “giving thanks to God”. His frequent seeking of God resulted in a life in which his faith was easily recognized by those around him. In fact, king Darius described him as a person who served God “continually”.

Like Daniel, we desperately need God. How good to know that God works in us so that we long to spend time with Him!. So let us come every day before God, trusting that our time with Him will result in a love that will overflow more and more in a growing knowledge and understanding of our saviour.


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  1. Daniel is someone I feel so much for. When I think of his life (which was probably around 100 years) and all that he lived through. He was such a humble and faithful man. I find it really moving to think of how he was honoured as an older man with a prophecy that would shed light on the time we are living in right now.

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