One of the things that makes a study of the mind so fascinating is that its territory is still very largely unknown country.

Science has established general principles along which the mind works. We know with fair accuracy how various processes – such as memory – take place, upon what factors they depend, and how we may best use our known powers to attain our ends.

But our knowledge of the mind is not comparable to our knowledge of the body. We know fairly exactly the limits of our bodily powers. A trained athlete, for example, can only jump about six feet, or run a hundred yards in about ten seconds.

It is safe to assume that no one will ever clear ten feet, or do the hundred yards in five seconds. But when we come to the mind we know only very vaguely the common everyday limits to its powers. About the limits of its possible powers we know practically nothing at all.

When all the fraud and superstition are eliminated from Spiritualism and psychic investigations, there remains enough scientific knowledge to make us wonder if there are any limits at all.

Telepathy, for instance, is a scientifically established fact.

Will-Power, with which we shall have to deal fully at a later date, seems capable of tapping an inexhaustible supply of energy.

Since the first part of the memory process is the learning of the facts, it is important that the will should be given an impetus and not act as a brake.

“The will to learn” is a scientific way of saying, “You never know what you can do till you try.”

If you learn with zest and vigour you will remember with ease.


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