If a delicate machine goes wrong , common sense suggests an inspection of the mechanism to find out where the fault lies. Common sense likewise suggests that the mechanism should be inspected by a man who knows all about it.

It is surprising how few people think of applying such common-sense methods to the delicate machinery of their own minds, ill-temper, sulkiness, indecision, morbidity, all these things and many more are signs of a temporary breakdown of the mental machinery.

In nine cases out of ten the trouble is an idea or a set of thoughts acting like grit in the wheels. It’s often very useful to have a look inside the mind. It frequently makes all the difference between gloom and happiness.

A little occasional self-analysis – but not too much – is an excellent thing.

False pride is frequently the dirt in the machinery- the false pride that will not allow you to own yourself in the wrong although you know well that the fault is yours.

The result is that you brood. Fancied worries begin to take on an air of reality. You soon begin to look at the world through black spectacles. And you make yourself and everyone else thoroughly miserable.

It is one of the infallible signs of the strong man that he is never afraid to confess he has made a mistake.

He has too much self-respect to indulge in self-deception, too much respect for others to allow misunderstandings to continue when a word can put matters right.

Next time things go wrong and the world begins to look black, see if the fault isn’t yours.

And be strong enough to “own up.”

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