What do you do when you’re scared? Does blood pump in your ears? Is there a weight in your stomach? Does your heart pound? Do you become breathless? Our bodies respond to fear like this to stop us from being able to ignore our worries and stress.

Jesus’s friends felt all these things one night after He had fed more than five thousand people with just one packed lunch. Jesus had sent them ahead to Bethsaida so He could be alone to pray. During the night, they were rowing against the wind when suddenly they saw Him walking on the water. Thinking He was a ghost, they were terrified (MARK 6:49-50).

But Jesus told them not to be afraid and to be brave. As He got on the boat, the wind died down and they made it to the shore. I imagine that their feelings of dread calmed as they experienced the peace He brought with Him.

When we feel like we are drowning in stress or worry, we can rest and trust in Jesus’ power. Whether He calms our storms or strengthens us to face them, He will give us the gift of His peace that “transcends all understanding” (PHIL. 4:7). And as He answers our fears with His presence, we can know calm, even in the middle of storms.


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