In ancient times, a city with broken walls was a very bad thing. It meant that the people living there were totally helpless and unprotected. An enemy army could invade at anytime easily. That’s why the Jews rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. How? By working together, as we read in Nehemiah 3.

At first glance, Chapter 3 might seem to be a boring retelling of who did what in the work. But a closer look shows how the people worked together. Priests were working alongside rulers. Perfume-makers were helping as well as goldsmiths. There were some who lived in nearby towns and came to give a hand. Others made repairs opposite their houses. Shallum’s daughters, worked alongside with men, and other people repaired two sections, like the men of Tekoa.

Two things stand out from this chapter. Firstly, they all worked together for the same goal. Secondly, all of them are celebrated for simply being part of the work, not for how much or little they did compared to each other.

Today we see fighting families, difficult relationships, broken marriages and unhappy friends, But Jesus came to transform our lives. We can help to rebuild our neighbourhoods and classes by showing others they can find new life in Jesus. All of us have something to do. So let us work side by side and do our part – whether big or small – to create a loving community where people can find Jesus.


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