THE JOY OF SERVICE – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Today everything is in front of you – a whole new life with new goals and fresh dreams. I remember the goal that I had about accomplishing the great American dream – of doing wonderful things in the movie business, becoming a great actor, a man who makes millions of dollars at the box office,Continue reading “THE JOY OF SERVICE – Arnold Schwarzenegger”


In March 1974, Chinese farmers were digging a well when they made a surprising discovery: Buried under the dry ground of the central China was the Terracotta Army – life-size terracotta sculptures that dated back to the third century BC. In this extraordinary find were some 8,000 soldiers, 150 cavalry horses, and 130 chariots drawnContinue reading “A TREASURE TO BE SHARED”


Corn, also called maize, is the staple food in the country of Mexico. There are so many different types. You can find Yellow, brown, red, and black cobs, even ones with a wonderful spotted pattern. But people in the cities usually won’t eat the spotted cobs. Restaurateur and researcher Amado Ramirez explains that they believeContinue reading “MANY GIFTS, ONE PURPOSE”


The “Babushka Lady” is one of the mysteries surrounding the 1963 assassination of US President John F. Kennedy. Captured on film recording events with a movie camera, she has proven to be elusive. This mystery woman, wearing an overcoat and scarf (resembling a Russian woman, wearing an overcoat and scarf (resembling a Russian babushka), hasContinue reading “THE BABUSHKA LADY”