Competitive bodybuilders put themselves through extreme training. To start with, they focus on getting bigger and stronger. When competitions come around, they start trying to lose any fat around their muscles. In the final days before the competition, they drink less water than normal so their muscle tissue is even more obvious. But, because they haven’t been eating or drinking a rounded diet in the lead-up, they are actually at their weakest during the competition-even though they look at their strongest!

In 2 Chronicles 20 we read about the opposite: allowing ourselves to look weak as we rest in God’s strength. King Jehoshaphat was told: “A vast army is coming against you”. So “he proclaimed a fast for all Judah”, so that no one ate anything. Then they asked God for help. When he finally gathered his army together, Jehoshaphat put singers who praised God at the front of his army. As they began to sing, God “set ambushes against the men… who were invading Judah, and they were defeated”.

Jehoshaphat’s decision shows his trust in God. He chose not to depend on his own human and military strength, and leaned on God instead. When we want to muscle our way through the problems we face, may we take a step back, talk to God and allow Him to be our strength.


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One thought on “MUSCLING THROUGH

  1. Mustard seed strength is more than enough for the God to bless us abundantly 😇 .

    But such articles is essential to keep us reminded of , how big is the God …

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