Dear Readers in this topic we are going to find about the wealthiest part of the Earth. Wealth according to Our world may be classified in many forms , for example , If i ask someone , their definition of Wealth , I can get many answers , few of them are mentioned below , Are they , The Gold Mines of South America , The Silver mines of Central America , The Diamond mines of South Africa, The Uranium Mines of Europe , Or The Oil Mines of Iran, Iraq and Kuwait. But they are not even close to the Wealthiest part of the Earth ,

The wealthiest part of the Earth is the Graveyard , Yes , because Graveyard is the place , where you can find lots of Books Unpublished , Some books which were never written , The Art which was never drawn , Music which was never played or even heard, Businesses which were never opened, Plans which were never executed and finally , The Purposes which were never fulfilled.

It is sad to see , we were born with a lot of seeds , but we failed to identify and plant them before closing our eyes permanently, or in other words , we never opened our eyes to identify our seeds , Today If you are 18 or 95 years old , If you are still breathing , it is a proof that you have time to identify your seed and plant them.

Our Job is to identify and spread the seeds , and take nothing before we leave the Earth , Remember Jesus on the Cross , he was 33 Years and 6 Months old , before he said ” It is Finished ” . “It” not “I” … “IT” refers to your assignment , your seeds , Your Purpose for Existence .

So, What is your Assignment ?

Every time you pass a graveyard or attend a funeral , Just say to yourself that , “I WILL DIE EMPTY , NOT OLD”.

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