Scottish photographer Alan McFadyen tried to get the perfect photograph of a Kingfisher bird diving straight into some water. Although he would often take 600 pictures in a session, not a single one met his all goals. But he didn’t give up. He kept on trying and finally captured just the right moment – after many years and 720,000 photos!

Jesus told a story about not giving up. He wanted to show His friends they should never stop praying and asking God for help. A widow wanted justice from a judge who “neither feared God nor cared what people thought” and who wasn’t interested in what she was saying. She didn’t stop however, and kept telling him about her case. Finally, the judge did do what was right for her just to make her leave him alone. (Luke 18:2). Jesus summed up by saying that if even a bad judge would meet someone’s need, surely God, who is good, will do what is right for those He loves, “who cry out to him day and night”.

If we face anything that feels impossible, we may start thinking that our prayers don’t matter and that things will never change. But we can keep crying out to God, who loves us and listens to all we say and feel. In His own time and in His perfect way, He will answer our prayers. Because we can trust that He always hears us, we should never stop praying and trusting Him.


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