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If males understand the purpose and responsibilities God has given them and the true design of their relationship with females, they can be free to fulfill their destiny and potential. They can be the men they were created to be.
If you are a man, you don‘t need to be confused about your identity and place in life, regardless of the conflicting signals society is currently sending out. You will find fresh vision and direction in rediscovering God‘s purposes for
both males and females. Through this knowledge, men can be and do more than they ever imagined, and women can gain a new understanding and appreciation for men while enabling them to fulfill their calling.
What is a ―real man? Someone who knows the reality of who he is and who lives in that reality. This knowledge starts with understanding the significance of being created purposefully by God.

God’s Purpose Is the Key to Our Fulfillment.

God desires that every man find his purpose and fulfill it. If a man wants to know who he is in order to live fully in that reality, he must first understand
God‘s principles of purpose. He has to learn these anchors for living from the Word of God. Otherwise, he will fall into a trap of confusion—where many of us are right now.
Proverbs 19:21 is a foundational Scripture in regard to understanding God‘s purpose: “Many are the plans in a man‟s heart, but it is the Lord‟s purpose that prevails.” This crucial truth tells us that we can make all the plans we want to in life, but if we don‘t make our plans according to the purposes for which God created us, then our plans will be in vain. We won‘t live up to our full potential, and we will be unfulfilled. We may even pursue goals and engage in practices that are harmful for us. We have only one life, and we have to make that life count if we are ever to fulfill our purpose.
How Are You Using Your Life?
What value do you place on your life? Do you know that
one of the most dangerous things in life is wasting time? It is
said that time is a commodity that you never are able to recapture.
Once you‘ve lost time, it‘s gone forever. What you‘ve lived, you can never re-live. So the best thing to do with time is to use it in a way that will bring the greatest results. The best way—the only way—to use time effectively is to do what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do it. Effectiveness
does not mean just doing good things, but rather
doing the right thing.

One of the reasons Jesus knew His purpose was that He was continually seeking God and in constant communication with Him. That is the pattern each of us needs to follow. Why? It‘s dangerous to live without God. If you don‘t know God, you‘ll never know your reason for existence. And
if you don‘t know why you were born, you could live a completely wrong life. I didn‘t say a bad life. There are many good people who are pursuing relationships, careers, and goals in life that are not best for them. What we have to concern ourselves with is living effectively. The only way to
live a fulfilled life is to know why you were born.

I can‘t emphasize strongly enough that knowing your purpose is crucial for your life‘s course. Every young person comes to a time when he or she leaves
childhood and enters adulthood. That period is called adolescence. This is the
time in which young people are trying to discover who they are and why they are. This is also often the time when we lose them or gain them—lose them to a destructive lifestyle and a wasted life or gain them for a positive,
fulfilling future. Purpose, therefore, is key to a young person‘s effectiveness and happiness in life.

Did Jesus have an adolescent problem? The answer is, very simply, no. Why? His purpose was reinforced from birth. His earthly mother and father were told why He was born. Somehow I believe that God would love for all parents
to know Him so well that they would have an idea of the life
purpose of their children.

The angel of the Lord said to Joseph, “You are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins” (Matt. 1:21). Joseph shared this message with Mary. When Jesus was born, Mary could talk to Him about
His purpose. Even though, at the time, she didn‘t fully understand the implications of His name, she could tell Him,
―You‘re going to be a Savior.
The Hebrew meaning of the name Jesus is ―Jehovah saved, or ―the Lord is salvation. In essence, Jesus‘ name means ―Savior. When He was a boy, His friends would say to Him, ―Savior, come out and play with us. His parents
would say to Him, ―Savior, come in for supper. When people heard Him coming, they‘d say, ―Is that you, Jesus?
How are you doing today, Savior? All His life, He heard that name. Yet it was not just a name; it was a reason for being, and He grew up with that purpose in His mind.

God has purposes that He determines beforehand and then carries out. These include plans for humanity as a whole and plans for males and females who carry out humanity‘s purposes. To bring this to a personal level, this includes
plans for you and me. God does not do anything on a whim or without knowing the end result.

To be Continued …

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