Because i like dark chocolate, I once Googled “Is dark chocolate good for you?” I got a variety of results – some good, some bad. You can do the same for almost any food product. Is milk good for you? Is coffee good for you? Is rice good for you? There is a dizzying array of answers to these questions, so you have to be aware that the search itself may not be good for you. It may give you a headache!

But if you are looking for something that is one-hundred percent good for you all the time, can I recommend the Word of God? Listen to what it can do for the follower of Jesus who is seeking to build a relationship with God.

  • It can keep you pure (PSALM 119:9,11).
  • It blesses you (LUKE 11:28).
  • It makes you wise (MATTHEW 7:24).
  • It gives light and understanding (PSALM 119:130).
  • It helps you grow spiritually ( 1 PETER 2:2) .

Our God is good: “The LORD is good to all,” says Psalm 145:9. And in His goodness, He’s provided those who love Him with a guide that helps us see how to enhance our relationship with Him. As we try to decide how to live in a world full of choices, praise God that He’s told us in Scripture what’s good for us. Let’s say with the psalm-writer: “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth”


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