India, the land that has been lauded as the crown of strong family structure in the world remains the same for centuries because as Indians we believe that’s one of the strong attributes that makes us remarkable in the world arena. This has cost us a lot and a lot, from child to teens to adults. This unsaid subconscious mandatory family structure has destroyed lives more than we can imagine.

The quote (“Matha, Pitha, Guru, Dheivam”), taught from textbooks to textbooks over a period of time, has created a community where parents think whatever they do to their children is acceptable because they are more hierarchically superior than god. This community cannot hear or accept parental abuse, because Parents are Gods and the abuse is termed as “Conditioning Children” for their activities or making them understand “Parents Decisions are for Children’s best future”.

As a mentally abused child or teen or adult, this community stops them from expressing their agony by making them feel it’s unethical to complain about parent. It makes them feel embarrassed to point out the ill-treatment or abuse that has been piled for a long time. Every child or a person that wakes up in a house like that is going through hell and trying to scream in a community that shuts their mouth.

All of this, caused by a community that’s either not willing to wide open its mind to understand the abuse that is walked all over on certain children or not aware of the abuse happening to those certain children due to the ignorance. If so it is ignorance, that is exactly why I’m writing this article to let you all know that there are millions of kids suffering in silence which could be your kid, your neighbour, friend, partner or anyone. But if it is due to the community’s unwillingness to understand the abuse, we are just creating a certain population of future India that will experience failed relationships, unhappiness and a whole lot of mental issues to them and people around them.

It’s time to educate all the parents around you about the mental health of the children which can be deteriorated by continuous fighting between the couples, alcoholic nature, minimal attention, disruptive conversations etc. These parents do certain things of this nature because of the experience they had with their parents.

Finally, if you are a child or a teen who can’t afford therapy, make good friends who can listen to you, find a hobby that can make you smile and always believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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