In a recent interview, a TV chef was asked how often he got noticed because of his good looks. The chef’s answer was surprisingly humble. He said that it was nothing to do with him; he was just the result of his parents DNA.

That TV chef answered a compliment with kindness and humility. But often we like getting noticed! King Nebuchadnezzar had this problem in the extreme. Then one day he found himself in some fields eating grass like cattle (for seven years!) because of his pride (DAN.4:33). For the whole story, read Daniel 4.

The king took credit for the greatness of the Babylonian empire and his own reign – credit that really belonged to God, who “deposes kings and raises up others” (2:21).

Though Nebuchadnezzar lost his sanity, and probably his speech, his simple act of looking upwards to the heavens showed his new humility. So God gave him his sanity back (V.34). The king then praised God, not himself (vv.34-37).

When we think too much of ourselves – our looks, skills or awards – we take credit that belongs to God, not us. Looking to him reminds us that He is the one who “does as he pleases with … the peoples of the earth” (4:35). Let’s look up to Him in humility.

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