A guy was found dead in his chair after spending three days of non-stop gaming in an online-gaming cafe. He had died of a heart attack. It sounds like it was a result of sitting still for so long, hardly sleeping and being pumped up to the eyeballs with adrenaline from the fantasy gaming action.

Shockingly, the police said that even as the dead body was taken away, the other gamers in the cafe carried on with their own games! They were so obsessed with gaming, that they barely noticed the dead guy next to them! Obsession had killed the man, but had also killed reality for the other gamers. For them, the fantasy world on their screens had become more important than the real world.

That, in effect, is what obsession is. It’s when we allow something to become more real and more important than reality itself.

Many of us obsess over our social media profiles, for example. These sites allow us to create our own fantasy lives and show whatever image we want about ourselves. Our pages, blogs and walls become our own little worlds that we can control. But does this obsession ( or any other for that matter ) really work? Ultimately we can still worry about our looks; what people think of us can still change; and happiness can fizzle out. The more we stress over what people are saying about us and what the latest fashion trends are, etc., the more we become like those online gamers: fixated on just a small bit of reality and unable to have a balanced view of our lives.

The Holy Bible says that obsession isn’t a bad thing. We all need something to make us feel secure about who we are and where we fit. The problem is that we get obsessed over the wrong stuff.

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7 thoughts on “GETTING OBSESSED

  1. Tragic. 😦 Obsession is bad, including from a faith perspective. I’ve been told and heard more than once from my spiritual father and from venerable priests in my faith tradition that moderation is the key because even obsessing over Church is not spiritually healthy. We must strive to have a tempered, balanced spiritual and mental state. Good post. 🙂

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