Once upon a time,

There was a king who appreciated art a lot.

He asked all the artists of his kingdom to participate in a competition and create a painting with the subject of “peaceful view.” He announced that there would be a great prize for the winner of the best painting and promised that he would hang the frame in his palace, which was a huge honor and fame for artists. Every artist started to paint their version of the most peaceful view. On the day of the competition, there were hundreds of beautiful paintings all gathered in the big hall of the palace for the king to judge. The king looked at each painting in depth. There were many paintings of the blue sky and great sea, quiet and peaceful.

Between all the peaceful paintings, the king announced the winner.

The winner was a painting with a dark cloudy sky, sea waves madly stroking the cliffs and a waterfall deviated to the side because of the angry wind. All the artists were shocked, how could the king choose such a madness painting as a peaceful subject?

The king said: “behind all this madness, in the corner of the waterfall I saw a crack with a green bush and a bird’s nest. Birds were sitting in their nest in peace. Peace doesn’t certainly mean that there shouldn’t be any noise, toughness or craziness, being in peace means that you could live peacefully amongst all the madness.”

The nearer a man comes to a calm mind, the closer he is to strength. – Marcus Aurelius

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