Since the dawn of the electronic age, the scale of battle has greatly enlarged. It is difficult for us in our generation to discern the scope of warfare that hits the church and the world in general. We might actually suppose that warfare should decrease since the number of demons has not changed since the first century, while mankind has grown from 150 million to over five billion souls today. Yet, the access the devil has to the souls in our world has increased through the mass communications media and literature.

John wrote of this period in time in Revelations 12:15 – The serpent poured water like a river out of his mouth after the woman, to sweep her away with a flood.

Water, in this context, symbolizes words. In our world there exists a flood of words and visual images coming out of the mouth of Satan. Our society, through technological advances, has made sins of the mind and heart more accessible. More than ever before, the carnal mind, with its openness to this satanic flood of filth and rebellion, is being structured into a powerful stronghold for the devil.

In our information-filled, entertainment-oriented world, even minor demons can exercise major influence simply by possessing the script writers and producers of movies and television, Satan has always been the prince of the power of the air ( Ephesians 2:2 ). But we should realize that the power of the air is not merely the wind; we see that in our world this power uniquely includes the electronic airwaves which carry radio and television signals.

Therefore, we must discern exactly where the satanic inroads are in our lives and cut them off. We cannot worship God Sunday morning and then tolerate Jezebel through immoral entertainment in a movie Sunday night. Indeed, it is with this in mind that, in regard to warning against Jezebel, the Eternal Word specifically described Himself as He who searches the minds and hearts. (Rev. 2:23), for it is in the inner sanctuary of our private soul-life where tolerance to Jezebel begins. It is here, within us, where tolerance must end.

To be continued …

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