PART 1 :

Jezebel is fiercely independent and intensely ambitious for pre-eminence and control. It is noteworthy that the name Jezebel, literally translated, means without cohabitation. This simply means she refuses to live together or co-habit with anyone. Jezebel will not dwell with anyone unless she can control and dominate the relationship. When she seems submissive, it is only for the sake of gaining some strategic advantage. From her heart she yields to no one.

Bear in mind that the spirit which produced Jezebel existed before its namesake was born. Although we refer to Jezebel as she, this spirit is without gender. However, it is important to note that, while men in leadership are the main targets of most principalities, Jezebel is more attracted to the uniqueness of the female psyche in its sophisticated ability to manipulate without physical force.

This spirit operates through women who, because of insecurity, jealousy, or vanity, desire to control and dominate others. Jezebel is there behind the woman who publicly humiliates her husband with her tongue, and then thereafter controls him by his fear of public embarrassment.

To a woman under the influence of Jezebel, conquering a man need not involve physical contact if a seductive glance of her eyes will capture him.

While she uses every means of sexual perversity known in hell, immorality is not the issue; control is what she seeks, using the power of sexual passions for the purpose of possessing men.

To be continued …

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