Find real health of mind and you will have gone a long way toward finding health of body also. As Dr Paul Tournier, the well-known Swiss physician, points out, health depends to a large extent on mental attitudes and even upon the spiritual condition of the personality.

We frequently hear people say, ‘I am sick with worry.’ That is much more than a mere expression designating intense anxiety. A person definitely can become sick of worry. One doctor has stated that fifty per cent of his patients have definite worry symptoms, and Dr Smiley Blanton said, ‘Anxiety is the great modern plague.’

Resentment, hate and ill will also have their place in the ill-health picture. A physician said that a certain man who had nursed a long-time hate for another individual actually died of a ‘grudgitis’ Naturally, he could not enter this officially as the cause of death, but he described how the patient’s color ‘sickened’ his eyes lost lusture, his organs functioned with increasing sluggishness and his breath became extremely foul, ‘His whole being deteriorated and left his organs lacking in resistance and prey to disease. Yes, he insisted, ‘the man died of a virulent long-held hate.’

This is not to say that all sickness is emotionally induced. It must be remembered, however, that a distinguished Canadian physician had advanced the theory that stress is an active agent in all disease.

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