Drinking and smoking are glamorized today. It all starts with the first time. If you ask people why they consume alcohol or take drugs, they will give you a host of reasons, such as: to celebrate; to have fun; to forget problems; to relax; to experiment; to impress others (it is cool to drink); to be fashionable; to mingle; for business purposes.

Drinking and driving cost lives. Jerry Johnson, in his book It’s killing Our Kids, cites American Hospital Association reports that half of all hospital admissions are alcohol-related. According to the National Safety Council’s 1989 Accident Facts Edition, a person is injured in an alcohol-related crash every 60 seconds.


Pornography is nothing short of dehumanizing women and children. The consequences of pornography are that it , victimizes children, destroys marriages, encourages sexual violence , makes fun of ethical and moral values, destroys individuals, families, and communities.

A woman is raped in the United States every 46 seconds. (National Victim Center/ Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center, 1992). Eighty-six percent of rapist admit to regular use of pornography, with 57 percent admitting imitation of pornography scenes when committing sex crimes (Dr. William Marshall, 1988).


Today’s kids are learning their attitudes and values more from televisions and movies than from any other source. It is estimated that in the United States, by the time a youngster gets out of high school, he has watched more than 20,000 hours of television, witnessed 15,000 murders, and watched 100,000 alcohol-related commercials. Television programming and advertisements convey the message that drinking is fun, smoking is glamorous, and drugs are the “in” thing. No wonder the crime rate is so high!

Soap operas and other television shows as well as movies glamorize premarital and extramarital sex. No wonder commitments are lacking in relationships and divorce rates are high. Impressionable viewers set their standards and benchmarks based on what they see and hear in the media. And no matter who we are, we are all impressionable to varying degrees.

Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible. – St. Francis of Assisi

Let’s review our thoughts, filter our unwanted emotions, spend your time with your loved ones, stay away from television screens , the world is a beautiful place than you think .

Stay Safe .

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  1. Really gud message to everyone , current generation has learn mostly through media only .Gud article bro keep it up👍☺️

  2. The problem is, we lack true leadership, those that are courageous enough to work with science and implement their findings for the betterment of humanity. We’ve all known about these issues for a very long time now and yet still — they are allowed to go on.

    “An extraterrestrial being, newly arrived on Earth – scrutinizing what we mainly present to our children in television, radio, movies, newspapers, magazines, the comics, and many books – might easily conclude that we are intent on teaching them murder, rape, cruelty, superstition, credulity, and consumerism. We keep at it, and through constant repetition many of them finally get it.” — Carl Sagan

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