Dragonflies are really underappreciated.

They have a fantastic control against mosquitoes, one of their main sources of food. They can eat hundreds in a day.

One of the coolest things about them is their flight speed- they are the fastest flying insect in the world. And can fly at 60 mph, which would get a car a speeding ticket on most roads.

They also have awesome control of their wings and can change direction on a dime’s notice, Their natural flying impulses have a random direction generator. Scientists have trouble filming and understanding their flight pattern as it is super erratic and unpredictable. This serves as a great defensive mechanism.

Their 4 winged structure, their flight speed, and their precision flying have also led them to be the subjects of intensive study by Aerospace Engineers.

MIT engineers hope to someday design robots that will utilize dragonfly mechanics.

Several have already been developed but designing a robot with 4 independent flapping wings is proving to be quite challenging. Dragonflies are more complex than which meets the eye.

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  1. God in His creation always inspires my awe. We used to call these bogs sewing needles and my mother use to tell us that if we weren’t god they would come and sew our mouths shut. I was really afraid of them then. Now I say bring on the sewing needles!

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