JOB 2:9

Job 2:9 – Then his wife said to him, “Do you still hold fast to your integrity? Curse God and die!”

Job’s story has made a deep impression on the life of many christian peoples, it wasn’t his suffering or sickness that struck me. It was his wife’s statement, the only place she was mentioned, that was what echoed in my head when I thought about the story.

“Curse God and Die.”

Between yesterday and this minute, we have had several ‘curse God and die’ moments. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. No one dies just after cursing God. But, going back to Job and to his wife, we understand that she was being very loving when she made that statement, that watching a loved one in pain and wanting to end that pain in the best way one knows is a valid sentiment.

The story of Job is framed in such a way that we don’t often realise that Job’s wife was in pain too. Everything Job lost, she lost as well. Just imagine the immense pain of losing a child, it’s hole that cannot be filled ever. Then think about the pain of losing more than one child? Two grown children? Job and his wife lost ten children. What is worse is that they all died in one day.

Imagine this, a woman carries ten pregnancies and arduous labour experiences, endures ten rounds of breast feeding- let no one deceive you, it is definitely not sunlight and roses. She worried, fretted and loved ten children into adulthood and to have them die in one day? It’s a wonder she didn’t go insane.

And she had to nurse a sick husband who was already broken in spirit and now broken in body, she was in pain too. Perhaps she was even in more pain than Job, it’s usually worse to watch a loved one struggle with illness than to be the one who is ill. There have been many moments in our life when we wake up in the middle of the night and find our father or mother peering over us. You see, You’re the one who is sick, they’re the ones who can’t sleep.

When we are in pain, and express that pain. When we ask God questions, when we cry out our pain to God. We are often asked not to, that questioning God is sin, that crying out to God is grumbling. But that’s exactly who I want to pour out my pain to, to ask him why he’s giving me a burden too heavy for me.

“God has never made a chair or a table, in all his years of being God, he’s never made a chair or table. He just made a tree, the rest of it is up to us.”

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2 thoughts on “JOB 2:9

  1. Job’s wife’s reaction could have been spurred by her love for her suffering husband but oftentimes, even when we are in pain and are overwhelmed by our emotions, we are at risk of saying things that may be incorrect. The solution to this is to be closer to God as Job was, Job had a special rapport with God that his wife may not have had for her to react in the way she did.

    God was not done with Job to allow him to die like He is not done with us when we go through tough times, the best is yet to come, after the storm has passed. That is when God’s glory is revealed to its fullest measure, when God turns a test into a testimony for His glory, so that others will see us and glorify God.

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