Why is it that when we hear about someone who is suffering, we are more interested in the details of what, when, why, and where than we are about how we can help?

When the disciples passed the blind beggar (John 09:1), their curiosity about why he was suffering outweighed the prospect of reaching out to help him. “Who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” they asked. Their pop quiz for Jesus revealed that they were dreadfully out of step with their Master’s heart. In fact, lurking beneath their question was a judgemental spirit- a desire to know who to blame- as if that would make anyone feel better!

Thankfully, Jesus delivered a compassionate response. Rather than speculation and condemnation, He arranged his resources to help, which in this case meant complete healing. He made it clear that the man’s blindness was intended to provide a moment for God to be magnified through Jesus’s compassionate touch.

Feeling curious about somebody’s problem? Shift into Jesus’s mode, and move past the point of curiosity to his or her point of need.

Reach out and touch someone’s pain. Show the compassionate love of Jesus in action. – – Joe Stowell ( Our Daily Bread )

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4 thoughts on “CHRIST’S COMPASSION

  1. Well said, I actually had a conversation about this with a friend the other day, she gave me a very good analogue, here it is: Imagine you are walking along the road, you see a big hole, you look down and see your friend, and instead of trying to help your friend get out, your first response is, to look down at your friend in the hole and say, ‘didn’t you not see this hole? how did you get here again?’ That hit home for me… thanks for sharing your insights …

    1. Exactly caroline , our mind is designed to doubt & judge , but ” who are we to judge ?” Same incident when jesus forgave the immoral woman ,
      A different theology , easy to understand, but difficult to practice . 🙂

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