When you die, you are put on a pedestal. The terrible faults you possess while you’re alive are transformed into wonderful qualities as soon as you’ve gone.

BEFORE: He has a really nasty disposition, He flies into a rage at the drop of a hat, he’s unbearable. He is such a dominating and short-tempered person. AFTER: He was such a different character, He was certainly never one to let people take advantage of him.

BEFORE: He eats too much, he drinks too much. He’s got high cholesterol and damaged liver. He is wasting his precious life, AFTER: He was a bon viveur, an epicurean who knew how to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

BEFORE: I’ve never seen such a nosy blabbermouth of a woman, she’s the ultimate gossip queen. AFTER: She had an unfailing interest in other people and a permanent need to communicate with them.

BEFORE: She spends all her time at the beauty parlour, her make-up is a real paint job, and she blows all her money on clothes. AFTER: She was always perfectly turned-out and elegant, with a completely individual sense of style.

BEFORE: I’ve never seen such a miser, he won’t even give you the time of day. AFTER: He had a very rare type of generosity, in fact he made all his occasions very precious.

BEFORE: He complains about feeling lonely but he’s fallen out with everyone, nobody can stand him anymore. AFTER: He was very selective about his friends. His very high standards rendered him a happy loner.

BEFORE: To be honest, I won’t miss him very much. AFTER: You will remain forever in our hearts.

We got to know that it is our responsibility to make the world a better place , Ignore Negativity.

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