Of all the creatures in the world, humans are physically the most ill-equipped. A human cannot fly like a bird, outrun a leopard, swim like an alligator, nor climb trees like a monkey. A human doesn’t have the eye of an eagle, nor the claws and teeth of a wild cat. Physically, humans are helpless and defenceless; a tiny insect can kill a human with it’s sting. But nature is reasonable and kind. Nature’s greatest gift to humankind is the ability to think. Humans can create their own environment, whereas animals adapt to their environment.

Sadly, very few people use the greatest gift-the ability to think- to its full potential.

Life is like a cafeteria. You take a tray, select your food and pay at the other end. You can get anything you want as long as you are willing to pay the price. In a cafeteria, if you wait for people to serve you, you will wait forever. Life is like that too. You make choices and pay the price to succeed.

Failures are of two kinds: those who did and never thought and those who thought and never did. Going through life without using your ability to think is like shooting without aiming.

Change your thoughts and you change the world. – Norman Vincent peale

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