What is the difference between positive thinking and positive believing? What if you could actually listen to your thoughts? Are they positive or negative? Are you programming your mind for success or failure? The way in which you think has a profound effect on your performance. Having a positive attitude and being motivated is a choice we make every day. Living a positive life is not easy; but then neither is negative living. Given a choice, I would rather go for a positive living. Positive thinking helps you use your abilities to the fullest.

Positive believing is more than positive thinking. It is knowing that positive thinking will work. Positive believing is an attitude of confidence that comes from preparation. Having a positive attitude without making the effort is nothing more than having a wishful dream. The following incident will illustrate positive believing.

Several years ago Lockheed introduced the L-1011 Tristar plane. In order to ensure safety and test the strength of the jetliner, Lockheed exposed the plane to the roughest possible treatment for 18 months, a program that cost $1.5 billion. Hydraulic jacks, electronic sensors, and a computer put the plane through its paces for more than 36,000 simulated flights (equivalent to 100 years of airline service), without one single malfunction. Finally after thousands of tests, the aircraft was given the seal of approval.

Does the Lockheed organization have reason to believe positively? You bet. There is every reason to believe that this plane is safe to fly, because of all the effort put into preparation.

“Be positive. Your mind is more powerful than you think. What is down in the well comes up in the bucket. Fill yourself with positive things.” – Tony Dungy

*Adapted from Daily Motivations for African-American Success by Dennis Kimbro, June 29, 1993, Fawcett Press, New York.

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