SAMUEL LEIBOWITZ : The meaning of being “Grateful”

This is the story of Samuel Leibowitz (August 14, 1893 – January 11, 1978), a famous criminal lawyer who never lost any murder case.
While he won many cases in the court room, he is widely known for “THE SCOTTSBORO TRIAL”.

In this case, nine young blacks were convicted of raping two white women in a moving train in Alabama, in 1931. The case prosecutes did not bother to go in depth about the case, and the verdict was highly influenced by the racism which existed in society.

All nine were sentenced to death by an Alambama state court in 1933. Leibowitz took the case and worked on it for years without accepting any payment or fees. Finally, he helped them get the justice. Along with this famous case he won, he saved seventy-eight men from going to electric chair. Or you can say that he saved seventy-eight men from death sentence.

What would you do if someone helped you live couple of more years on this earth to see your beautiful family, and this world? You would be forever beholden to him, right?

How many people do you think stopped to thank Samuel Leibowitz, or expressed gratitude in return of what he did? None. No one took the trouble to thank him for all he had done for them. The bitter truth truth about human nature is that it is full of ingratitude.

That’s how it goes. Almost always we do not bother to count nine things which go well and crib around just one thing which goes wrong. Human nature has always been human nature- and it probably won’t change in a lifetime.

Therefore, let’s not expect gratitude. Take joy in doing favour for others without expecting anything in return. That’s the only way to live happily, and to die peacefully.

I am going to meet people today, who talk too much, people who are selfish, egoistical, ungrateful. But I won’t be surprised of disturbed, for I couldn’t imagine a world without such people. – Marcus Aurelius

Here is something I learned today, ‘Beholden’ which means ‘Grateful’ or ‘Obligated’,

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